Mini-sode! Two easy free podcast resources

I'm writing this well in advance because I know I'll be in the weeds next week. I'm hard at work "training" for Street Fighter 2 and, lemme tell ya, it's rough going. Reversals, "weighty" hits, etc.

So here are a couple of adendums to my unpopular Podcasting Cheap series.

First, if you don't already have a way to capture audio from youtube, there's an easy way to do it online.

This is a terrible website. Despite what it might say, your PC is not at risk from anything other than Listen to Youtube. It's one of those sites that tries to trick you into downloading an installer instead of your file. But I still sometimes use it because it's easy and I can work around it. Another free option for this is:

This is an actual program so you have to download it but it's pretty fly. It just captures what's coming out of your speakers os you can grabnab, say, Dark Souls dialogue from youtube.

Let's say you're making a skeb? You probably aren't but you might be. And if you are, you should check out:

This is where I get most of my sound effects for the skebs I do. It too is free but requires registration but it's painless.

So there's that! Sorry about the short entry but I'll be back in two weeks with another depressing screed (probably not).