Making a Sound

Another technical article! But this one has an audio component, so it should be easier to consume.

I've discussed it here before, but I record all of the audio for our shows on my end. This is great for co-hosts and guests, because all they have to do when it's time to record is make sure their microphone is plugged in, and launch Skype.

An even greater perk of this setup is that I have a lot of control over the whole signal chain. In a recent Patreon-funded gear acquisition, I bought another DBX 286s pre-amp and processor. This is a handy rack-mounted box that magically makes things sound better.

Today, I would like to walk you through what goes into configuring this box to make spoken word sound great (or, at least great enough for my ear). But I can't really do that in text. Even an explanation of what all of the knobs on the DBX do wouldn't really suffice (and you can find that information elsewhere).

Instead, I'm going to provide you with a picture of the front panel, and an audio file of me going knob by knob, showing you what each of them does, and finding the optimal position.

Here's the Picture:

And here is my audio walkthrough. If you don't want to listen to it on the web page, you can download and listen from headphones later.

Let me know if you like this kind of thing. It was fun to make.