I'm an Idiot

I say this a lot.

I don't actually think I'm stupid (though there's monumental room for improvment). What I mean is, I'm silly. My favorite goofs, my favorite projects, they're all absolutely stupid. Super foolish. I think there's intelligence in them, but they are based around something super goofy.

The Pitch, for example, is probably my favorite podcast I've worked on. WOFF and BSC are more enriching, and Abject Suffering is a blast and Dead Idea Valhalla was expressive but the Pitch, I think, stands up as a complete work, in a weird way. It's also an improv podcast about words that rhyme, mostly. House of Cards? Well, that's an expression already but what if it was literal. That's it. That's the whole idea behind House of Cards (one of Brayton's, actually), but we just went with it.

I don't mean to single Brayton out by any means. So many of my things were just about being hard to pronounce. The seeds of these episodes are not intelligent ideas.

My favorite sketches are definitely our stupidest or our weirdest. The Little Nemo sketch or Eternal Barkness (which was Kole's idea) or this new one with the MGS2 demo. Those are my favorite because they're almost audaciously dumb. Sometimes, they're unpleasantly dumb. And that's why I like them.

In the Slack channel, we've had some conversations about Tim and Eric. I make no secret that they're a big influence on me and the three things I love most about them are:

A) They're angry. And not in a Bill Hicks way or anything. More in a "Can you believe this post modern condition?" way.

B) They're unpleasant. It's not just in a gross, poo poo way, but in a way that they'll use unpleasant sounds and sights for comic effect. For example, the I-Jammer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NTNXQH8SEMo

C) They're foolish. It's not like I-Jammer is smart. It's executed in a smart way, but the concept is so remarkably stupid I can't help but respect it.

This is all a prelude to my uploading the oft-requested Skate or Die remix from Abject Suffering. I actually had to remake it. I also included some Dinopitch jingles that I think are singularly dumb but also pretty funny. Hopefully you agree? If not, that's OK too. Like I just made up: Namaste. It means be excellent to each other/party on.

You can find the files attached to the Patreon post for this entry. Namaste. Namaste to everyone.