DuckStream 2017

December 8th, 9th, and 10th.

A 48 hour charity live stream to benefit

Payments served securely with PayPal. 100% of proceeds go directly to the Transactive Gender Center based out of Portland, OR.

Hello again! We're excited to announce our fourth annual DuckStream charity event. Join us as we play games for 48 hours to benefit the Transactive Gender Center in Portland, OR.



All donation incentives apply to the entire event this year.

  • $50 or above: Gary will craft a Teenage Dirtbags segment stinger in your honor.
  • $100 or above: You can dictate a Check It Out, Comrade! game. Force Nick to play a single player indie game on a stream, or force him to play a multiplayer game on a stream with you.
  • $150 or above: Dictate a game for Abject Suffering. Gary and Kole will forego their individual picks to play what YOU want (like all other game suggestions, this is contingent on us being able to acquire/run the game). OR pick a subject for an episode of Adaptation Decay (limit 3, first come first served),
  • Highest Individual Donation: Pick a game and guest on an episode of Watch Out for Fireballs! some time in 2018. The game you pick needs to be coverable in a single episode.

PLEASE NOTE: The donation incentives are not cumulative, so donating $150 doesn't get you both an Abject Suffering and a Comrade pick. After the event, you will be asked which donation incentive you want to redeem. However, all donations above $50 get a crafted Teenage Dirtbags Segment all their own.

Shift 1: Duckfeed West

Friday, December 8th starting at 6pm Pacific

SCHEDULE. Subject to Change. Minor delays and set up times to be expected.

6PM - 8PM Days of Future Cast: LIVE! On the first Wolverine Movie.

8PM - 10PM Multiplayer Block.

10PM - 12AM The History of Zachtronics.

12PM - 2AM Multiplayer Block.

2AM - 4AM Fighting Game Tournament Block.

4AM - 6AM Choose Your Illusion 2 / Days of Future Cast Theme Creation.

6AM - 8AM Multiplayer Block

8AM - 12PM The Brigmore Witches, A Team Effort.

12PM - 2PM Multiplayer Block.

2PM - 6PM TBA Retro Game.

Shift 2: Duckfeed East

Saturday, December 9th starting at 6pm Pacific


Continuing his yearly tradition for Duckstream, Kole will play through the entirety of another survival horror game. This time, it's Konami's Siren: Blood Curse. It's an updated remastering of the original Siren, and it's a game that's often forgotten in discussions of the evolution of the survival horror genre.

Since the game is divided into episodes, expect some fun diversions in between them, just to lighten the mood a bit. And the confetti cannons are making a return.

There's more to come re: announcements, including guests and relief players because Kole is a big baby who can't stay awake for 24 hours straight.

All proceeds go to Transactive. Transactive provides a holistic range of services to empower transgender and gender nonconforming children, youth and their families.

See it all at and donate here!

We'll be updating this page with announcements and donation incentives. Dig deep friends, it's important.