DuckStream 2016

November 11th - 13th

A charity live stream to benefit

Payments served securely with PayPal. 100% of proceeds go directly to the Transactive Gender Center based out of Portland, OR.

Hello again! We're excited to announce our third annual DuckStream charity event. Join us as we play games for 48 hours to benefit the Transactive Gender Center in Portland, OR.

Shift 1: Team Portland

Friday, November 11th starting at 7pm Pacific

SCHEDULE. Subject to Change. Minor delays and set up times to be expected

7PM - 8PM Multiplayer Block. Gang Beasts! Watch the boys play this ridiculous brawler for the upcoming live episode of Comrade.

8PM - 10PM Nick plays Journey for the first time. He knows the twist, but it should still be great fun.

10PM - 10:30PM Check it Out, Comrade: Live. Nick and Gary record a live Comrade on Gang Beasts and Journey.

10:45PM - 11:30PM Teenage Dirtbags: Live! Brayton and Gary will stream a series of videos by an artist, stopping after each one to talk about them. All of your favorite segments in effect, played on beautiful iphone speakers.

11:30AM - 1:30AM Jackblock! We'll be busting out some serious Quiplash 2 for the stream, among other assorted Jacktivities. Audience participation demanded.

1:30AM - 5:30AM NES Block. Gary, and friends, to play through a bunch of NES classics. Ducktales, Macventures, Maniac Mansion, Little Nemo, all the favs!

5:30AM - 6:30AM Loopy boys theater. Dramatic reads of something from the the internet, probably a game script or a gamesfaqs message board thing.

6:30AM - 9:30AM SUFFERBLOCK! Gary will be playing Abject Suffering games. Games coming up for the show, classics like Pac-Man 2, etc.

9:30AM - ??? Super Mario World: All Exits. Not sure about this one, actually. Gotta check in with my peeps. More details to come as I confer with Brayton and Nick. Suggestions welcome! (hit me on twitter, @garybuh)

_6:00PM - 7:00PM - Abject Suffering: Live! Mystery Game! What iis like to have 24 hour Gary talking to 0 hour Kole? Tune in for the final stretch!


We've gone apeshit with donation incentives this year

We really want to hit our goal. With that in mind...

  • A $75 dollar donation allows you to pick a game Nick and Gary do for Comrade this year OR a music video Brayton and Gary cover for Teenage Dirtbags.
  • A $150 dollar donation gets you a signed copy of Souls of Darkness, along with a couple of Kickstarter exclusive feelies.
  • If we make it to $2,500 during the first 24 hours, Brayton and I will dig up an old VHS tape of one of our classic Teenage Dirtbags anniversary specials and share it on youtube. These have never been seen before! It's me and Brayton, in private room karaoke, singing TDB songs for an audience of one. These relics of the longest running podcast in history have to be seen to be believed!
  • The highest donation over the course of the weekend will receive a package of WOFF! live show swag, signed and delivered with care. This includes booth material, vinyl signs, the copy of Mario Kart we used for the show, our "Gotta Cast'em All" Pokemon sign from this year, and more! A care package of one of a kind memorabilia to show our thanks for supporting this great cause!

Shift 2: Team Cincinnati

Saturday, November 12th starting at 7pm Pacific

Kole will play through as many Resident Evil games as he can! In series-chronological order! That's right, beginning with the oft-maligned Resident Evil 0, going through the REmake, and maybe getting some Resident Evil 2 in if possible.

There will be special guests, and those times/schedules will be announced here at a later time.


  • A $75 donation during this time period gives you the ability to choose a horror game Kole will stream during Hex Crank Live.
  • Kole hates it when things get messy. Every $250 we get, Kole will fire off a party popper full of confetti. Pictures of the aftermath will be supplied!

All proceeds go to Transactive. Transactive provides a holistic range of services to empower transgender and gender nonconforming children, youth and their families.

See it all at and donate here!

We'll be updating this page with announcements and donation incentives. Dig deep friends, it's important.