Community Policies and Guidelines

This page details the most recent updates to how we're managing our community, specifically the Slack channel, which is accessed through our Patreon campaign.

Slack Channel Guidelines

This community is getting big, and it's time to establish some policies, and reexamine others, to address that. We are doing this now to maintain an atmosphere of welcoming inclusivity and kindness.

Abuse/harassment/chillness Guidelines

Though this was always our intent, we haven't put it down on paper until now.

Don't make fun of anyone based on their race, gender, religion, sexuality. In fact, probably don't make fun of each other at all.

Debate about art and media can get heated, and people wrap up their identities in their interests. This doesn't mean you can't make fun of media, but that you should do so in a way that doesn't necessarily implicate people who enjoy that media.

OK: "X is bad."

Better: "I think X is bad."

Best: "X didn't work for me."

Not OK: "Everyone who likes X is bad.”

Bannable: "Only (slurs) like X."

The general rule on this Slack is: Being kind is more important than being right. Use "I" statements. Recognize that not everything is for you, and what's for you is not for everybody.

If you feel like someone is being shitty or hostile towards you, screen cap it and send it to Gary or Kole. You will remain anonymous, and we will handle it.


We’ve got a good problem… The Duckfeed community is getting far too big for two people to manage effectively. With this in mind, we've recruited moderators who will have the power to create pop up channels (if demand is sufficient) and will generally make sure everyone is cool to each other.

The mod for each channel will be pinned to the Admin/Announcements channel. This is also where mods will announce schedules for game specific book clubs or other generalities.

Please treat the mods with the same respect you would give Gary, Kole, or any other host. Ideally, treat everybody with that same level of respect.

Even if a mod is listed as being in charge of another channel, they may step in to mod different channels occasionally. Please respect every mod, even if it seems like they're out of their jurisdiction.

  • Abject Suffering : Kole
  • Animu : Sporky
  • Blizzard Games: Dennis and liam_mccann
  • Books : DrStatic
  • Bonfireside Chat : Jeremy Greer
  • Check It Out Comrade : Nick Glauber
  • Days of Future Cast: Gary and Jeremy
  • Ducks Making Stuffs: DrStatic and Gary
  • Comics : DrStatic
  • Co-Op : Dennis
  • Duckfeed Wiki : Jala Prendes
  • File Under Water: Gary and Kole
  • Games : Kole
  • Life : Gary
  • Monster in my Podcast : Kole
  • Movies : DrStatic
  • Music : liam_mccann
  • Non Duckfeed Podcasts : Sam Bair
  • Politics: Jeremy Greer
  • Radio Free Mid-World: Kole
  • Sports and Wrestling: Jon_Cool_Bird
  • Stickfights: Opendork
  • Stuff Exchange and Sales: jon_cool_bird
  • Tabletop : Murph
  • TDB/The Pitch : Brayton
  • TDRK : Kole
  • Tech : Mootcycle
  • The Level : Dennis
  • Wellness, Actually : Jala
  • WOFF : Gary

Private Channels and Channel Creation

People who are familiar with Slack might notice that you cannot create Private Channels in our team. We made this choice for a couple of reasons, mostly relating to oversight and friendliness to new users. However, we recognize that there might be a need for something LIKE them, so...

Pop Up Channels

We understand that people often create private channels in order to avoid gumming up generalized discussion. This mostly happens in the wake of a big game release. Though we don't think every game needs its own channel (for many reasons, fragmentation of discussion chief among them), in the future, we will be more open to putting up a temporary channel for a hot new game. These channels will rotate out when interest wanes and the volume of discussion can be safely contained in the appropriate general channel.


Slack is great for uploading images and other files to share them. However, as we are on the Free Plan, storage is limited. Every once in a while, we start hitting the ceiling of our storage, and need to clean house.

Our friend mootcycle has created a script to clean up files automatically, so individual users don't have to delete their own files. However, this comes with a caveat:

Slack is not intended for permanent or long-term storage of files. Don't put anything important there that you would be sad to see disappear. Files that are deemed too large or too old will be purged periodically.

We recommend using external image hosts like imgur to share images with other slackers. Otherwise, you can share the link to the image in chat, and it will appear automatically.


Please install our team's Slack app, which you can get at this link. Just click "Add to Slack", choose the Duckfeed team, and click "Authorize".

This app helps us manage storage space on our Slack team, and adds some other Quality of Life improvements to make the community function better.

If you have any problems or questions about Duckbotnik, please contact @mootcycle on the Slack. He generously develops and administers this app, and will be happy to help.